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Despite Q3 Decline, Zombie Foreclosure Problem Lingers In Many Areas
The five states with the largest year-over-year increase in owner-vacated foreclosures in Q3 were New Jersey (75 percent), North Carolina (65 pecent), Oklahoma (37 percent), New York (30 percent), and Alabama (29 percent), according to RealtyTrac. Read more

Zombie foreclosures rise in 16 states and 60 metro areas
Contrary to this national trend, there were increases in owner-vacated foreclosure in the third quarter in 16 states, including New Jersey, where zombie foreclosures surged 75% year-over-year, North Carolina (up 65%), Oklahoma (up 37%), and New York (up 30 ... Read more

7 States Infected With the Most Zombie Foreclosures
In fact, 16 states witnessed increases in owner-vacated foreclosures compared to a last year, led by New Jersey, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. Furthermore, 33 states posted a higher percentage of owner-vacated foreclosures than the national average of 18%. Read more

Happy Halloween! New York leads country in zombie foreclosures
Contrary to the national trend, 16 states saw increases in owner-vacated foreclosures compared to a year ago, including New Jersey (up 75 percent), North Carolina (up 65 percent), Oklahoma (up 37 percent), and New York (up 30 percent) and Alabama (up 29 ... Read more

Florida Leads US in Annual Foreclosures
CoreLogic notes that the foreclosure inventory totals 1.6% of all homes with ... inventories of foreclosed properties as a percentage of mortgaged properties are New Jersey (5.7%), Florida (4.4%), New York (4.1%), Hawaii (2.9%) and Maine (2.7%). Read more

RealtyTrac: Still Plenty Of Zombies Around
"As we see a backlog of delayed distress finally hit the foreclosure pipeline in some of those markets, the problem is coming more to light." States that saw the biggest increases in zombies in the third quarter included New Jersey (up 75%), North Carolina ... Read more

Foreclosure Auctions Spiking in Some States
Scheduled foreclosure auctions in the third quarter increased from a year ago in 22 states, including North Carolina, Oregon, New Jersey, Oklahoma, New York, Connecticut, Colorado, Alabama, Texas and Ohio. Compared to the previous quarter, scheduled ... Read more

CoreLogic Reports 46,000 Completed Foreclosures in September
The five states with the highest foreclosure inventory as a percentage of all mortgaged homes were: New Jersey (5.7 percent), Florida (4.4 percent), New York (4.1 percent), Hawaii (2.9 percent) and Maine (2.7 percent). The five states with the lowest ... Read more

Some SUN on foreclosures
However, filings were up slightly for the third quarter with 22 states posting year-over-year increases in scheduled foreclosure auctions. Florida, Maryland and New Jersey had the highest foreclosure rates in the third quarter. "A recent rise in scheduled ... Read more

NM foreclosures continue to drop
States with the highest foreclosure rates were Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada and Illinois. States with the lowest rates were North Dakota, West Virginia, Vermont, South Dakota and Montana. September marked a substantial drop in foreclosure activity ... Read more

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