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Bigger Mortgages Likelier to Go Into Foreclosure
The three states with the highest December 2014 foreclosure rates are New Jersey (5.2%), New York (4.0%) and Florida (3.7%)—all spots with large concentrations of high-end homes. One reason recovery in these states has lagged behind, Mr. Khater says ... Read more

Why State Foreclosure Laws Matter To Home Prices
Of these, 12.5% are in delinquency and 1.6% are in foreclosure. Mississippi isn’t judicial, but half of the remaining top ten states are. These states have high shadow inventory levels. In fact, New York and New Jersey have incredibly high pipeline ratios. Read more

Cliffside Park homeowner's lawsuit accuses mortgage cos. of using false docs in foreclosure
overburdened with a high volume of foreclosure cases in New Jersey, have generally been dismissive of such complaints, Denbeaux said. Mogavero seeks an unspecified amount in damages, legal and other costs. Seterus and the other defendants have not yet ... Read more

Maryland Ranks #2 In Foreclosures
The Daily Record reports both Maryland and New Jersey had set up requirements designed to give homeowners a greater chance of avoiding the loss of their homes That has resulted in a delayed surge in foreclosures over the last several quarters. Read more

‘Zombie’ Homes Horrify Neighbors Trapped Next Door
New Jersey and New York are next on RealtyTrac’s list. In New Jersey, zombie foreclosures were up 109 percent from one year ago. Once owners vacate a home, the bank that takes ownership, in many states, including Florida, is not obligated to maintain the ... Read more

FOX 29 Investigates: Church's Role In Tax Foreclosures
There were 54,000 foreclosure filings in New Jersey courts last year, the most since 2010. More than 2,000 were filed on people who didn't pay their taxes. Maxwell's liens were bought for only a couple thousand dollars beginning 14 years ago. But the ... Read more

New Jersey foreclosure numbers are high for a reason
The housing market received some good economic news last week: Foreclosures are down dramatically. A monthly report by CoreLogic showed the number of homes that foreclosed nationwide dropped 17 percent from last year. But the news isn’t as cheerful in ... Read more

Where zombie foreclosures are making a comeback
New Jersey, New York and California saw a resurgence in zombie foreclosures over the past year. Vacated by the homeowner and left unattended, zombie foreclosures are still plaguing many housing markets. Nearly one in four homes in foreclosure at the end of ... Read more

New Foreclosure Procedures Put to Test as Number of Cases Climbs in New Jersey
Four years after New Jersey courts required lenders to prove they are following the law in foreclosure cases, new procedures and technology have improved the process and provide greater assurance of accuracy, according to court officials. That claim is ... Read more

New York’s foreclosure backlog isn’t going away until 2016, at least
one on the order of reference or motion for summary judgment and one on the final judgment of foreclosure. Other states, including New Jersey, require only one judgment 3. Use of referees is necessary for several steps of the foreclosure process ... Read more

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