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Why Didn’t New Jersey See More Declines in Household Debt?
States with bigger housing bubbles generally saw more foreclosures (and deleveraging), and New Jersey didn’t have as big a bubble as, say, California or Florida. But to understand what’s going on in the Garden State, it also helps to understand how ... Read more

Foreclosure Backlog Slows Housing Recovery in Some States
While in most states the percentage of loans in foreclosure has dropped sharply as the housing market and economy has recovered, three states—New Jersey, Florida and New York—have rates more than twice the national average, according to a report from ... Read more

Jacqueline Laurita Bankruptcy and Foreclosure As Serious As Teresa and Joe Giudice’s – Real Housewives of New Jersey Epidemic?
Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, were recently sentenced to prison for fraud, after taking out millions in bank loans that they had no collateral on and no means to pay back. You would think that after the ... Read more

New Jersey Bankruptcy Court Holds That Mortgage Was No Longer Enforceable and Borrower Was Entitled to a “Free House”
Action Item: In light of this decision, lenders should ensure that foreclosures in New Jersey are filed within six years of the date of default. Failure to file a foreclosure within six years may cause the action to be barred by the statute of limitations. Read more

Morris County homeowner, facing foreclosure, gets a free house instead
The legal action may be a first for New Jersey, which leads the nation by number of mortgages in foreclosure, according to data provided by the Mortgage Bankers Association on Friday. “This is the first case I know of that held that a statute of ... Read more

Report: Despite October’s Monthly Spike, Foreclosures Declined in 10 States
The state with the largest month-over-month decline in foreclosure filings (notices of default, scheduled auctions, and bank repossessions/REOs) for October was New Jersey, at 41.8 percent, according to RealtyTrac. The Garden State had the third highest ... Read more

New Jersey man uses loophole to beat foreclosure
Normally, defaulting on a mortgage doesn't result in the borrower retaining ownership of his or her home, but that's exactly what happened for a New Jersey man. Gordon Washington was able to beat out a foreclosure after claiming that his creditors ... Read more

5 States Where Home Repossessions Are on the Rise
One in every 1,335 properties in Oregon is in foreclosure. Three cheers for New Jersey: Last month, it ranked No. 2 in states with the highest foreclosure rates, but it dropped to No. 9 with a 42% decline in activity. Only one in every 878 New Jersey ... Read more

NJ Man Uses Loophole to Beat Foreclosure, Get His Home Back
Washington defaulted on his $520,000 mortgage. This is usually the point at which foreclosure proceedings start, but that’s not exactly what happened, according to the U.S District Court of New Jersey. Washington argued that his creditors, Specialized ... Read more

Foreclosure Activity Increases 15 Percent
Scheduled foreclosure auctions increased from a year ago in 29 states, including Oregon (up 399 percent), North Carolina (up 288 percent), New Jersey (up 118 percent), New York (up 89 percent), Connecticut (up 60 percent), Nevada (up 53 percent), Alabama ... Read more

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