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Sen. Menendez Takes On ‘Zombie Foreclosures’
For a time, it was occupied by squatters. But like many other foreclosed homes, it was abandoned by owners, financial institutions and investors, all of whom have walked away. "New Jersey continues to have the highest rate of foreclosures in the country ... Read more

Condo associations careful about collecting can weather foreclosures
The news is more cautious in Illinois, which remains one of the top-10 states with the highest active foreclosure rates. The number is down 38 percent from January 2015 to 2016, but it ticked upward 7 percent in May. (New Jersey, Florida, Nevada and ... Read more

Senate to consider wide-ranging bill to address zombie foreclosure "crisis"
According to Menendez’s office, New Jersey had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation in 2015 with over 35,000 foreclosure filings. Menendez also noted a recent report from RealtyTrac, which showed that he state has the most vacant zombie ... Read more

New Bill Seeks to Stop Zombie Foreclosures
In introducing the bill, the senator admitted that its inspiration came from his state’s dismal housing environment—New Jersey had the highest foreclosure rate last year more than 35,000 filings and the most vacant zombie foreclosures, impacting more ... Read more

New York foreclosure inventory among the nation’s highest
New York state has a 3.2 percent rate of foreclosure, just behind New Jersey. Home prices in New York increased 2.1 percent monthly in April and 5.9 percent annually. Read more

13 Alabama counties with the highest foreclosure rates
When it comes to foreclosures, no state is in worse shape than New Jersey. One in every 559 homes in New Jersey is under foreclosure, a figure almost double the national average of 1 foreclosure for every 1,316 homes. Alabama's rate is less than the ... Read more

Why Do Foreclosure Laws Impact Real Estate Prices?
As you can see from the above map, the states with the largest foreclosure inventories—New York, New Jersey, and Florida—have judicial foreclosure processes. Home price appreciation varies widely by location. In California, the foreclosure pipeline has ... Read more

Buying a Foreclosed Home: Info You Need to Know
Currently, according to RealtyTrac, 1 in 13,000 homes ends up in foreclosure. In states with the highest frequency, such as Maryland and New Jersey, that ratio shoots up to 1 in approximately every 550 homes. That's a lot of foreclosed places. While ... Read more

Douglas ranked 11th in foreclosures in May
States with the highest foreclosure rates were New Jersey (one in every 559 housing units with a foreclosure filing); Maryland (one in every 693); Delaware (one in every 716); Florida (one in every 738); and Nevada (one in every 851). Among metropolitan ... Read more

May Marks 8th Month With Foreclosure Filings Decrease
RealtyTrac staffer Daren Blomquist reports on the data which reveals that the states with the highest foreclosure rates were New Jersey (one in 559 housing units), Maryland (one in 693), Delaware (one in 716), Florida (one in 738), and Nevada (one in 851). Read more

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