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NJ Foreclosure Firm Still Operating but Winding Down
Weeks past its expected closing date, New Jersey foreclosure firm Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman remains in operation, though at a much-diminished capacity. The firm, which earlier this year forecasted an Aug. 24 shuttering, is down to three lawyers and fewer ... Read more

Attorney Ronald LeVine to Give Free Seminar on Bankruptcy, Foreclosures and Loan Modifications
Are you in debt or struggling with finances? Did you know that NJ has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation? Attorney Ronald I. Le Vine, 210 River Street, Hackensack, New Jersey is holding a free, no-obligation seminar entitled “Bankruptcy ... Read more

Foreclosures, delinquencies drop
The top states for non-current loans (either foreclosure or delinquencies) are Mississippi (12.95%), New Jersey (10.16%), Louisiana (10.12%), Maine (9.04%), and New York (8.92%). The bottom five states for non-current loans are Montana (3.45%), South ... Read more

Foreclosures scheduled for the week of Oct. 5-9
The Volusia County Clerk of the Circuit Court holds all judicial foreclosure sales via the Internet at ... Bauslaugh, et al, 5459 New Jersey Ave., DeLeon Springs, single-family residence. Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Angela H. Johnson, et al, 553 Princewood ... Read more

Housing Headaches
If New Jersey is to truly recover, it needs to face the music when it comes to home foreclosures. Since the end of the recession, New Jersey has simply not kept up with the nation. From 2010 to 2014, economic growth averaged only 0.7 percent in New Jersey. Read more

Indian American woman in New Jersey scams homeowner with threat of foreclosure
An Indian American woman from Piscataway, New Jersey, faces charges of scamming a 76-year-old man out of $9,000 in a con that authorities say may be targeting the Indian American demographic. Mahwish Chaudry, 31, was arrested September 25 after she told ... Read more

As Banks Retreat, Private Equity Rushes to Buy Troubled Home Mortgages
Many of the foreclosed homes are clustered in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, California and Texas. A majority of the homes foreclosed on by Caliber have been bought back by another Lone Star affiliate at either a trustee or sheriff's auction. The private ... Read more

Guv Hopeful Murphy Looking to Broaden His Reach with New Organization
“Today, New Jersey suffers from some of the worst economic indicators in the nation: stagnant growth, stubborn unemployment, record housing foreclosures, staggering student debt loan, an $11 billion structural budget deficit and the second highest ... Read more

New Jersey foreclosure numbers are high for a reason
New Jersey ranks behind only Florida in the percentage of homes in foreclosure, according to CoreLogic. Nationwide, 3.2 percent of homes with mortgages are in the process of defaulting. In New Jersey, it’s 7.7 percent. But the numbers may be deceiving. Read more

Foreclosure Starts Seek New Floor
Foreclosure starts decreased from a year ago in 30 states, including California (-29 percent year-over-year), Florida (-40 percent), New Jersey (-38 percent), Texas (-17 percent), and Maryland (-26 percent). But as usual, improvements in foreclosure ... Read more

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