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Sell House Without Agent

It’s becoming more and more common for individuals and families to choose “sell house without agent” when it comes time to move from the current residence. In fact, the supposed housing boom of the last few years has turned out to be somewhat of a bust for many families. This may mean having to sell the home quickly, without waiting for the professional real estate agent to sell a well-maintained home for the asking price.

There are a couple of ways to go when you want to sell house without agent. Of course, there is always the for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) option. This might be as close to selling with an agent as you can get without paying the commission. A homeowner who wants to get premium price for their property will advertise by placing an attractive sign in the yard, as well as advertising in the appropriate section of the local newspaper.

When the family members sit around the table and look over their plan for selling the home, they may actually have a question that asks: How will we sell? The multiple choice answers will probably be: A) List with agent; B) Sale by owner C) Sell to a “we buy houses” company.

In this case, B and C will be under the “sell house without agent” category. But just because you want to go the FSBO route doesn’t mean you should just stick a sign in the yard and wait for results. You could be waiting awhile. You should maintain and repair the home just as you would in an agent scenario, if you are going to advertise and show the home (waiting for top price). If you want to move the house “as is” you could contact a number of “we by houses” companies. Many of these companies have investors ready to purchase a home without making expensive repairs first. Your selling price will probably be lower but the time until close will be much shorter.

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